Replacing My Big Green Egg Gasket

by / Wednesday, 03 August 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

I’ve had someone of my clients ask: “How difficult is it to replace the gasket on my Big Green Egg?” So, I figured I would show how easy it was to do mine.

Tools Needed:

  • Big Green Egg Replacement Gasket
  • Straight Edge
  • Acetone

I knew it was time to replace my gasket on my egg recently when I was doing a few pork shoulders on my Big Green Egg. The temperature kept climbing above 250 degrees and I kept having to adjust the damper and daisy wheel every hour. This was very frustrating since I planned for an overnight cook. The last thing I wanted to be doing was playing around with my Big Green Egg  from 1 o’clock in the morning until early afternoon.

With a cold egg, I started at the back of the egg. I started at where the seam of the original gasket was. I was able to take a straight edge and simply start pulling the gasket up around the egg.



This simply pulled up and off without the need of the straight edge. There was a couple times I had to use the straight edge where the gasket was tight on the Big Green Egg.  Once I had the gasket off there was a few places where some of the adhesive from the gasket was still on the egg. I simply used a rag with acetone on it to wipe it clean. I then went around the egg with a dry rag to dry and clean the egg up.


When I replaced the gasket on my Big Green Egg, I started from the back of the egg. This keeps the seam on the rear of the egg just like the factory did. I slowly worked the new gasket around the egg making sure the edge of the gasket and egg were flush.

eggdone eggdone2

After I had the new replacement gasket on my Big Green Egg I pressed firmly around on the gasket and let the egg sit overnight before my next cook. My next cook on the egg was  around 225 degrees and I did not have to adjust the dampers really at all over a 6 hour span. A huge difference with a new gasket! I would also suggest low temperature cooks for the first cook or two on your Big Green Egg after a replacement gasket has been installed.

I hope this helps! Happy Grilling!