The Benefits of a Taller Spa

by / Thursday, 16 June 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

Over the years I have seen spas in many shapes and sizes. One of the constant things I see from manufactures is the height. Most manufactures build their spas around 35″ in height. It isn’t that 35″ in height for a spa is necessarily a horrible thing but there are benefits to a taller spa:


  •  The main benefit of a taller spa is space. The closer you sit to the ground the more room your legs take up. When you look at a spas seating area, it usually will have 4-8 molded seats in it. When people see a spa with 8 chairs, they assume they can put 8 people in the spa comfortably. The reality is, it doesn’t necessarily hold 16 legs. Manufacturing a spa taller in height will allow for the spa user to sit higher off the ground, this will allow for their legs to stay in front of them. This will allow for more people to be in your spa as well a more comfortable spa experience.
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  • Another benefit of a taller spa is water displacement.  As people get into the spa the water level rises. As the water level rises in shorter spas this usually means the water starts overflowing over the sides of the spa. Once everyone gets out of the spa, your water level will be below the jets, causing water to spray everywhere. This will lead to you having to refill your spa. A taller spa will allow for more water displacement reducing spill-over.     fit-in-hot-tub1
  • For our clients who use their spa in the cold Ohio seasons a taller spa helps you stay below the elements. When a spa is taller the shell adds protection for the back, shoulders, neck and head from a cold breeze.  In a shorter spa the average person has a good portion of their back and shoulders exposed to the elements because the spa isn’t tall enough to protect them. A person sitting in a shorter spa will have to slouch down, moving their legs farther into the foot area while putting strain on their lower back.
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  • A taller spa will have more seating levels. I know in my family everyone is a different height. I have people who are 4′ tall, 5′ tall and 6′ tall. In a taller spa we manipulate the height of the seats so there is a seat for everyone. A taller spa doesn’t mean everyone has to he 6’7″ to enjoy it. We bring the sitting area up off the ground in a variety of heights so there is a seat for everyone in the family.
  • It is also easier to get out of a taller spa. Think about sitting down on the floor and getting up. Now think about sitting in a chair and standing up. The higher we can keep you off the ground the easier it is to stand up. The higher seats in a taller spa will help with getting out of the hot tub.

Comfort is always key when shopping for a new spa. Make sure to think of comfort during use in all seasons. Don’t buy a spa that “kind of fits”. Make sure it is the right fit for you and your family. If you are looking for a taller spa, I’d suggest taking a look at: they make one of the most comfortable spas for a family I have ever been in.