Spa Filtration

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In the spa business all spas are not created equal. One of the most important features to ask about when purchasing a spa is the filtration system. It is frequently over looked by clients when shopping for a spa. Clients tend to be more focused on things like LED lights, jets, radios and other gadgets. Everyone wants to get in soothing hot water. However, no one wants to get into spa that has green, cloudy water.  As I break down a couple different styles of filtration systems in the spa business, something I want you to keep in mind: TWO PEOPLE IN A 300 GALLON SPA = 200 PEOPLE IN THE AVERAGE IN-GROUND POOL.

Almost every hot tub manufacturer in North America uses what is called a skimmer style filtration system. This style of filtration is a very cost effective addition for manufacturers to use but is no where near the most efficient for the spa owner. Some of the issues for clients owning this system are the following:

  • Loss of seating due to the placement of the filtration system.
  • The dirty filter is in the same water you are soaking in.
  • Heavier sentiment sinking to the floor or seats of the spa, will never have the opportunity to reach the filter.
  • Multiple filters in the spa to take care of.
  • With multiple filters comes more money when they need replaced.
  • Higher cost of operation. The spa could need to run more, to have more gallons of water  go into the filtration system.
  • Unattractive view of the filter while using the spa.


You can see how this filter sets down in the same water you are using in your spa. Pulling this style of skimmer filter out to clean, results in debris falling back into your spa water. (ABOVE IMAGE)

In North America any commercial swimming pool or hot tub must have a completely enclosed filtration system. These pressurized systems ensure the filter is not laying in the same bathing water that swimmers are in. Coast Spas has brought a commercial grade filtration system to the residential spa market. Coast Spas use a Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System in all their spas. There is many benefits and advantages to this style of spa filtration:

  • Taking the filter out from the bathing water.
  • You do not see the filter while using the spa.
  • Children can’t touch the filter during the use of the spa.
  • 20% Increase in flow compared to a skimmer style of filtration.
  • 80% Faster in clearing up “cloudy” water.
  • Increase in seating capacity in the spa.
  • Easier to keep spa water clean. Not only filters faster and more efficient but eliminates debris from falling back into the bathing water.


The Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System places the filter in its own canister with a locking ring. This makes the system pressurized keeping it from being in the same bathing water as the user. (ABOVE IMAGE)

Still unsure how this filtration system can benefit you? See the Hydro Cyclonic Advantage