Infinity Edge Coast Spas

by / Thursday, 06 August 2015 / Published in Uncategorized

All spas do not have to be wooden boxes that squirt water. As people have started becoming more creative with their backyards so has Coast Spas with their products. Almost every client I speak to has some type of landscape or view in their yard that they enjoy seeing. With a Coast Spas Infinity Edge hot tub you can now enjoy the scenery that surrounds you while you soak in your spa.



Not only does the Coast Spas Infinity Edge give you an unmatched look compared to any spa on the market, it also is functional. The Infinity Edge allows for the water level in the spa never to rise. As more of your friends and family enter your Coast Spa the water just cascades over the infinity edge.  The Infinity Edge also acts as the skimmer in the spa.  No more looking a little piece of plastic slapping back and forth as you are soaking in your hot tub. All the water that is falling into the Infinity Edge is being pulled and then forced into our commercial grade Cyclonic Filtration. If you are looking for something different for your backyard you have found it. Stop in and take a look at our Coast Spas or visit: