BBQ Instant Read Thermometer — A must have

by / Thursday, 06 August 2015 / Published in Uncategorized

I get asked daily from clients on what they “need” for their Big Green Egg, Weber Grill, Fire Magic Grills, and American Outdoor Grills. There are so many BBQ accessories that it can make your head spin. I know personally I have two drawers and a plastic tub full of things like rib racks, vegetable grids, tongs, and other random BBQ items. The one item that I can say I use every single time I BBQ is my instant read thermometer.

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There is many different instant read thermometers on the market. The first one I purchased was an $18 off brand I picked up at a local chain store. It took forever to tell me the temperature of the food. As I watched the temperature on the display slowly go up 3 degrees at a time, I knew this wasn’t the fix. So I invested into a true instant read (shown above). When I open this BBQ thermometer up it illuminates, which I love since I do a ton of grilling in the evening. The best thing about this thermometer is the speed at which it tells you the temperature. You get accurate temperatures in seconds. This particular BBQ instant read is labeled for Big Green Egg, but comes from Maverick as well. The model I use and have used for 2 years now is the PT-100. No matter what I am grilling I am using this. It is prefect for chicken breasts, thick burgers and steaks.